Why Should You Choose a White Carpet for a Red Carpet Event?

When you’re hosting an exclusive, glamorous event, it’s crucial that you lay the groundwork for your extraordinary day with a luxurious and glitzy red carpet. Setting the mood and giving your treasured guests the VIP treatment is one way to ensure that your special event is a success. But where did the whole “red carpet treatment” start? And what if you’d prefer a white carpet instead?

At AU Carpet, we’ve been assisting our clientele with planning and hosting memorable events with excellent decor and first-rate carpets and runners. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the history of the red carpet, and why a white carpet might be a better choice for your special day.

What is the red carpet treatment?

Rolling out the red carpet for special guests is a practice that dates back centuries. In fact, the ancient Aztecs and Mayans of South America used to roll out scarlet-hued carpets for their rulers and dignitaries. Why? Because red dye was a rare, and expensive substance. Only those of a high-profile status could afford the red carpet treatment.

Since then, red carpets have come to symbolize glamour and glitz all over the world. Red carpets are rolled out for movie stars and celebrities at award events, and high-profile corporate functions often feature a red carpet leading the way into the venue.

At AU Carpet, we’ve been laying out glamorous red carpets for our clientele for a variety of events, including corporate functions, award ceremonies, art galleries, and premiers. We’ve also assisted with wedding ceremonies and decor too.

Why would someone want a white carpet for a red carpet event?

The experience of walking down a red carpet to a special event or party has less to do with the carpet runner’s colour. It’s about the experience of having a luxurious carpet rolled out for you. Walking down a professional, beautiful carpet makes guests feel special.

What types of special events use a lot of white in their decor? Weddings. At AU Carpet, we’re one of the leading wedding carpet hire companies in the Sydney and Melbourne area. Our wedding clients choose our white carpet runners for a variety of reasons. But mainly, it comes down to aesthetics.

White Carpet for a Red Carpet Event by AU Carpet


White is the traditional colour of weddings, and a white carpet will give guests and the couple the VIP experience often associated with a red carpet. When it comes to the more subdued aesthetic of traditional wedding decor, a red carpet can be too loud. Even if wedding ceremonies use a different colour pallet for their decor, white is an unobtrusive, neutral colour that can fit in with any aesthetic or theme.

Here at AU Carpet, your choices for a stately and upscale carpet runner aren’t limited to just red or white. We offer over 20 different shades of carpets for whatever special event you’re hosting. No matter what your theme and your aesthetics, our carpet runners will be sure to meet your needs. Choose a runner for the entryway or even a carpet that will completely cover your venue’s floor.

For your special day, choose a sophisticated and classy white carpet from one of the leading carpet event hire companies in Sydney and Melbourne. Contact AU Carpet today and see what we can do to make your special day extraordinary.

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