Media Wall Idea For Your Events: The Best Ways To Use Media Walls!

If you’re rolling out the red carpet for corporate and charity events, or for events like product launches, a media wall is a great way to make your event feel even more special!

Media walls are large, fabric walls with printed messages – you’re probably familiar with them from red carpet events. They often have the name of the event, sponsors, and other information printed on them. Typically, they’re placed in areas where media photographers will take photos, to ensure that your event is promoted properly when pictures are posted, printed, and uploaded.

So, how can you use a media wall at your own event? In this article, we’ll look at just a few of the best ways to use media walls at your next charity event, or corporate/professional event. Let’s get started!

The Best Ways To Use Media Walls by AU Carpet

Use A Social Media Wall To Engage With Customers

Engaging with customers and clients on social media is a great way to expand your marketing efforts on a budget – but to do so, you must first ensure that you have enough people who follow your social media accounts.

At AU Carpets, we specialize in media walls of all types, including social media wall options. You can print a media wall which includes links to your social media accounts on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more – to ensure that, as your event gets publicity, more people will become aware of your social media presence, and hit that “follow” button!

Get Interactive With Your Media Wall – And Make It Meaningful!

A media wall doesn’t have to just be a static object! In fact, it’s much more effective when event attendees are encouraged to interact with it. This makes your media wall more dynamic and unique.

As an example, if you were running a charity auction or another charitable fundraising event, you could have a media wall printed what featured your logo, and the text “I give back because…” written all over the wall.

Then, you could provide your attendees with markers, so that when they walk up to the media wall, they can write down the reason that they are supporting your event, and your charitable organization. This helps you provide a more dynamic and unique experience at your event, and makes things much more fun and interesting!

That’s just an example, of course – but if you do a bit of thinking, you’re sure to come up with a fun way to make your media wall more interactive – and Carpets AU can help you bring your vision to life!

Think About Your Own Event – And How You Can Use A Media Wall!

There are limitless opportunities for being creative with your media wall. From adding lighting and interactive elements, to video screens, fake grass and turf, sculpture and more – the sky’s  the limit!

And if you need help building a media wall for your event, red carpet hire, renting bollards and ropes, and with any other event management service, AU Carpets is here to help. Contact us now, and see how we can help you make your next event totally unforgettable!

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